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  1. Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
  2. Certified Wireless Network Professionals
  3. Certification for Long-Term Care
  4. Next Level Purchasing Association
  5. eRadimaging (No certification, just CE credits)
  6. International Society of Business Appraisers

Why should you get certified with Delvy?

With the proliferation of YouTube and large multi-provider e-learning sites on the Internet today, it is a challenge to determine whether the learning materials are accurate or not. We provide a source that organizations can trust when it comes to the educational materials and the knowledge that their employees are receiving.

Advance your career
Education based on research
Certifications based on results
Adult education for the new generation

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Success Indicators

  1. Organizations certified by Delvy partners (There will be confidentiality issues, we will need a form that organizations need to sign for us to advertise they are certified with us). 
    1. From IDFA: Wells Fargo, Ameriprise, JP Morgan
    2. From CWNP: Cisco systems, Walmart, University of California Berkley, The New York Times, Synergy Fiber, Stanford University, Spectrum Networks Inc, Optum, NYCDOE, New York Yankees, New York Metropolitan Transportation, Juniper Networks, IBM, AT&T, The Walt Disney Company, Ruckus, FedEx, Comcast, Aruba, Mist Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aerohive, Extreme Networks, Commscope
    3. From NLPA: Entergy, Kellogg, Walmart International, Teach for America, Tesco Controls, Inc., David’s Bridal, Franklin University, 
    4. From CLTC: Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual, State Farm, Assure Care Insurance, LLC, Securian Financial, MetLife, Prudential, Guardian, Thrivent, Nationwide, TCARE, LTCG, LTC Insurance