We want to help you learn, grow, and is here to bring your career in procurement to the Next Level

With 20 years of experience in procurement certification, redesigned and innovative materials, and a globally recognized certification, enhancing your experience with any of our products will help you elevate your status as a procurement professional. This knowledge will make you more effective and efficient in your current role, and can open opportunities for you in the future. 

You will be qualified for higher-level opportunities since prestigious companies increasingly prefer or require the SPSM as a qualification for their most strategic procurement positions.

Procurement professionals with the SPSM® Certification earn an average of $8,893 (US) more than those who haven’t earned a purchasing certification* Take a look at our free Salary Report to see exactly how education from NLPA can impact your career.

Investing in your education will also provide benefits for your company
  • An CPOS-Certified procurement professional has enhanced capabilities for handling the department’s more strategic work
  • Having an CPOS-Certified staff earns procurement departments credibility with internal customers, management, and suppliers.

What we offer

Individual Full-Length Courses

Choose from 16 different full-length online procurement courses. Each of these courses consists of eight lessons and each lesson takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. These courses are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of procurement topics ranging from analysis and spreadsheets to sourcing to purchasing management and more!

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Express Programs

Choose from 20 different online Express Courses. Each of these courses is one lesson requiring a 30-60 minute investment of time. These courses are designed to bring you up to speed on very specific procurement topics. Those topics include managing supplier performance, procurement talent management, and more!

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Provides you access to a wide array of tools, templates, webinars and even access to over 20 express course. You’ll have access to the following: The Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit, Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries Report, Monthly Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Email, Purchasing Community, NLPA Blogs and much more.

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